our manifesto


We only work with firms that deserve to be #1, never settlement mills.


The only vertical we work in
is personal injury law.


We only work with one personal injury firm per DMA.


Being personal injury marketing experts means more precision, better processes, and insane results.


We don’t half-ass anything, if we’re in - we’re all in.


Hold us accountable on ROI, not fluff metrics.


We obsess over the details and search high and low for the best ideas.


We are competitive by nature and unapologetic about it.


We respect the best idea, regardless of who it orginates from. Ideas over laurels.


We follow proven systems, never playing it by ear.

Our Founder



I’ve been involved in digital marketing full time since 2003. I started out as a super affiliate in some of the most difficult and competitive industries at the time. In 2005 I pivoted to e-commerce where I founded and served as CEO of a parent company that owned/operated 7 different online retail brands. We employed over 40 people, generated over $4 million in yearly revenue, and the company’s portfolio ranked #1 in Google for many different highly competitive keywords including ‘nike shoes’, ‘designer sunglasses’, and ‘home decor’.

In 2012 I realized that my passion wasn’t in running an ecommerce business, but rather my passion was in digital marketing. I started a new digital marketing agency helping local businesses dominate their competition. I was fortunate enough to work with all different types of businesses from lawyers to dentists, retailers to B2Bs, and many more. We employed a team of 5 people, generated over a million dollars annually, and were growing at a very rapid pace.

While the work was extremely fulfilling, I found the varying nature of our client’s industries to be challenging. With my experience and knowledge, it’s easy for me to switch from one industry to another however creating efficient processes that drove ROI was next to impossible without micromanaging each campaign. A lot of digital marketing agencies focus on growth (ie: getting more clients) and consider results to be secondary (ie: they don’t care if your phone isn’t ringing), but for me that was unacceptable.

Before ever working with a personal injury lawyer I had the uninformed (yet sadly popular) opinion that PI lawyers were ambulance chasers. After having the chance to work with a personal injury firm I quickly understood that while settlement mills do exist, more importantly personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. Regardless of a person’s financial might, they can receive top tier representation when they need it the most. I’ve also found that personal injury firms are some of the most generous firms with helping their local communities. It’s fair to say, my opinion of personal injury law firms in general changed completely, and so did my focus.

I slowly started focusing more and more on helping personal injury lawyers dominate their local markets. The industry is competitive enough to fulfill my creative side, while also knowing we’re helping people in need find the right representation who’s going to get them maximum compensation – it’s a win-win. For the first time in my career, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

That’s why I started PIMnerds.com, so we can exclusively focus on helping the right personal injury firm in each city dominate their local market and do good in their community.

Now that you know why I do what I do, let me tell you a couple random things about myself:

  • I’m die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan. 🥲
  • I’ve lived in 4 different countries, and traveled to over 20.
  • I love standup comedy.
  • I’m very close with my family and friends, I believe strong relationships with those we love make us better people.
  • There’s only two things I hate in this world, people who are prejudiced against other people’s cultures, and the Quebecois.


Meet the Nerds

Sarah M.

Content Nerd

Sarah has been an expert in content marketing for over a decade. She possess the perfect mix of analytical thinking, compassion for the reader, as well as taking any subject and making it easy to understand. Sarah works with our team of writers to make sure that any content produced meets the highest quality standards.

In Sarah’s free time she enjoys spending time with her dogs, going on long walks to explore random neighborhoods, and she’s unapologetic about the amount of time she spends reading romance novels.

Ishaan P.

PPC Nerd

Ishaan is competitive by nature and loves a good challenege. That’s exactly why he thrives in the most competitive industries with the PPC campaigns he manages. No detail, no edge over a competitor is too small for him to obssess over. Motivated by ROI on campaign spends, Ishaan has time and time again proven that he will go to any length to squeeze out another fraction of a percent to improve a campaign.

When he’s not obsessing over PPC campaigns (which is rare) Ishaan enjoys spending time with his family and eating home cooked meals.

Andrew M.

Website Development Nerd

Andrew (Andy) has been developing websites since the early 2000’s and his passion for it is still contagious. He has a knack for combining user experience with beautiful designs. He’s an excellent communicator and knows how to bring a vision to fruition.

Andy finds balance with work by spending time with his lovely wife and their two boys. When he finds the time he also loves to go on long hikes, watch NCAA football, and try out new board games.

Yasmine B.

Social Media Nerd

Yasmine knew what she loved and figured out how to make a career out of it. Yasmine is obsessed with staying on top of the latest trends in social media and figuring out how to connect her client’s with those trends. She’s constantly coming up with new ideas and takes a very analytical approach to implementing them.

To know Yasmine is to love her, she’s very outgoing, always optimistic, and a bundle of energy. When it’s time to disconnect from social media she enjoys spending time with her husband, two year old baby, and their furbaby – Max.

Jake S.

SEO Nerd

Jake takes a data driven approach to search engine optimization. He’s a wizard at looking at large dataset and seeing the overall trends and metrics of a given market. What makes Jake truly remarkable is that he’s able to take that data driven knowledge and translate it into actionable campaigns that perform and deliver ROI consistently.

Outside of work Jake is a digital nomad, he loves to travel and is constantly somewhere with a hard to pronounce name. His partner in crime is his long term girlfriend who’s also a digital nomad. 

Margaret R.

Organizer of Nerds

Margaret, often affectionately referred to as “Office Mom”, is our virtual office manager. While we all work remotely she helps bring us all together in thoughtful ways. Her experience in her previous life as a school teacher gave her the much needed patience and no-nonsense approach she needs to deal with the rest of us.

Margaret is a mother of two, and a grandmother of three. She loves working from home so that she can bake to her heart’s desire, and have the best garden on the block!